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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

5 vs. 31

Here is where Clayton and I differ:
Mommy likes a cute, simple lunch bag that matches his backpack and will not clash with most of his outfits.

Clayton likes an obnoxious character lunch bag that looks like the mystery machine. It clashes with EVERYTHING. It won't even match the camo backpack.
So, who won? Well, Clayton won this battle. When I saw him nearly leap out of the grocery cart at our favorite establishment and shout for joy so loudly that all of the other people at the store could hear, I couldn't turn him down. It was love at first sight. He told me, "thank you one million times, mommy." My pleasure sweet boy. Although, inside, I was screaming. This doesn't match the backpack, this is hideous, why am I allowing such a fashion don't in my household. Will Glamour come after me?? Then, I looked down at my son, saw the joy in his eyes as he studied his luchbox inside and out, and I didn't care anymore. I just smiled.

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Sarah said...

What a good mama you are! :)

Love the new look on your blog. How in the world did you do it??