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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Dream Come True

We had a free evening, so we headed off to Six Flags. Clayton has been wanting to ride the "Aquaman" ride (or the Splash Water falls for those of us from generation X). We have never let him go, because we didn't want to walk around the park soaking wet. I hate that feeling!! Today he said, "If I could ride that ride, it would be a dream come true....it is the ride of my dreams." I couldn't bear to crush his dreams, so off we went. Me, Oliver, Joel, and Clayton all were soaked from head to toe. Then, flying solo, Clayton stood on the bridge to get totally soaked. He had the biggest grin on his face. I am so sad I don't have pictures of this.

We didn't have time to dry off due to a complete power outage of Six Flags. All of the rides were shut down. On the way home, still dripping wet, he said, "I think that ride was a bad idea." I look back and he is shivering. At least his dreams came true for a brief moment.


Rachel H said...

SO FUNNY!! Too bad you didn't get a pic!

Love the new look of your blog! I have played around with mine some, but can't come up with something I like.

Brandie said...

How cute! I have never ridden that ride, ever, for that very reason of not wanting to walk around wet the rest of the day. Glad his dream came true!