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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dad the Magician

It all started innocently....just filling out a volunteer sheet....no big deal...#10. Do you have any talents that you would like for me to know about??......Oh, of course...Joel can do magic. That's what I wrote.

Last week I got home from work and this was the conversation:
Joel: Did Mrs. Sheahane call you??
Me: No?!? What happened?
Joel: Did she email you?
Me: Why? What?
Joel: She asked me to do a magic show for Clayton's class...Did she send that to everyone??

Me: UMMMMMM...well....I kind of told her you did magic. (oops..I'm innocent right?)

So, Joel decides it was no big deal. It was just 14 kids. He preaches in front of 100 people every week. No biggie!! Well, last night he recieved this email:

Joel, we are so excited that you are coming to do a magic show. Meet us in the cafeteria. Joel is thinking"...the cafeteria?? 14 kids?? Wait a minute....oh, no the first email said "KINDERGARTENERS"..it never said just his class" So, now I am in a bit more trouble. A trip to the magic store and lots of practice and Joel had the best magic show ever. The kids are talking about the letter "M" this week hence the magic show. The kids loved him....of course he had them all hyped up by the time it was over. Clayton was so proud.

What a COOL Dad!!


Rachel H said...

So glad it went well! I bet you have one great kindergartner who is PROUD of his Daddy!!

Brandie said...

OMG, how funny! Glad you all had fun =)

Lisa said...

That story is so hilarious!!!