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Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Parade

The Garland Labor Day parade has been a tradition in our family for so many years. I was in the parade starting in elementary school all the way through high school. Now, I get to take my boys to the parade to share the experience with them. Clayton thought it was the "best parade in the whole wide world." I thought so too. It was fun to be with the whole family.

We are ready for showtime!
A little wrestling match...I mean brotherly love to start the parade off.
Getting a flag to wave.
Almost the whole gang. That is a lot of grandkids.
Waving that flag proudly.
He isn't hitting Noah...they are having a little boy conversation.Noah is being shy from the camera.Gotcha! It was so hot, so the South Garland football team squirted us with water guns. Refreshing!
Julianne and Rob brought the donuts. Cute Maddie...Hungry Clayton.Two really cute boys at the parade!!Will is just checking things out.
Gigi and the gang.
Good old Ollie Owl (the mascot from my Alma Mater). *** ***I did not name my son after this Owl...just a coincidence.


Sandi said...

Good old Ollie!

Chrys and Mike said...

it was great meeting you today! your boys are precious.

(sound familiar? but my sentiments exactly!)

i am glad to know about ollie the owl. i had no idea.


Rachel H said...

So much fun! Sorry you had to miss the Chick-fil-A run. I've never seen so much free chicken!

Brandie said...

I missed you at the parade!!! I was walking with Courtnie this year and didnt see you =( Looks like you all had fun though!

Sarah said...

That looks so fun too! I will definitely want to take my family next year. :)