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Monday, September 8, 2008

A New Routine

After two long, tiring weeks of our new school schedule, we have finally figured things out. Today was the first day that everything went smoothly. Here is our day in a nutshell.
6:15: Alarm goes off, Mom wakes up Clayton and sticks sausage biscuits in microwave.
6:20: Mom wakes up Clayton again, sausage biscuits go in fridge for quick cooling.
6:23: Mom wakes up Clayton again...this time he gets out of bed. I never realized how "pokey"this little guy is.
6:25: Clayton watches "Curious George" and Mom gets ready.
6:45: Mom wakes up Oliver and gets him dressed.
6:50: Mom continues to tell Clayton to hurry and eat his breakfast. Again "pokey".
6:55: Clayton gets dressed and brushes teeth.
7:10: Out the door
7:20: Drop Clayton off at school
8:00: Mom and Oliver at Lifetime Fitness
9-1:50: Free time with Mom and Oliver
2:00: Get in Carpool line
2:25: Retrieve Clayton
2:25-4:30: Do a fun activity with both boys (I learned that with both boys being exhausted, being at home just makes matters worse) Today we headed to the library.
5:30: Dinner served
6:00: bathtime
6:15: reading time for Oliver
6:30: Bedtime for Oliver, reading time for Clayton
7:00: lights out for Clayton
Then we do it all over again!!!

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Hannah Grace Photography said...

That routine sounds awful familiar! Grace is pretty "pokey" too in the mornings but has gotten a little better this week. I think the hardest thing for her is getting her food down in a timely manner...she's used to a leisurely 20 min. breakfast. We had such a fun time with you guys yesterday! Can't wait for playgroup again! Have a great day.