"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween. Clayton had mix and match day at school for Drug Free Week. He thought I was crazy at first, but then he got into it. That evening, we had The Kimbrells, The Pykas (my sisters and their kids), and my parents over for pizza, candy and Trick-or-treating. The kids had a blast. Oliver really got the hang of trick-or-treating this year. He wanted to ring every door bell, yelled "trick-or-treat" loudly and said thank you every time. He got a little scared at some of the houses with big spiders or skeletons on the door--"dats scares me".
Eating pizza! We need some energy for trick-or-treating!!

Olivia the "wormaid". Instead of mermaid she says "I'm a wormaid".The whole crewWalking so well in high heel shoesThe big kids really had the hang of it.
Here is Oliver ringing the door bell.
Cute Chewbaca and Wormaid
Nonna and Chewy
Checking out our loot!End result: WAY to much candy!!!!


As you can see, I am backblogged.....in a BIG way. This is the first moment I have been able to sit down at my computer all week. I am busy getting ready for my trip to NY, the kids schedules have been super busy, work has been crazy, and the little peanut-sized Halpin is making me REALLY tired!! I have been in bed by 8 every night. Hopefully I will catch-up tomorrow....after packing for me and both boys for a whole week.

My three minutes is up as it is time to wait in the carpool line and then pick up Oliver. Then it's off to Trick-or-Treat with the family. Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sweet Son

This was a great mommy moment to balance out the bad one from last week.

Clayton: Mommy I want to stay with you after school today.
Me: Well, you were going to go to Marlene's house for a couple of hours.
Clayton: But I will miss you so so much. I just love you too much.
Me: You don't have to go..you can stay with me.
Clayton: Well, I guess I'll go...I'll just draw a picture of you while I am there so I won't miss you so much.

I love these sweet moments. I hope to never forget them.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Record Breaking Weekend

Our church put on a huge event this weekend. We were going to break the guiness book record for the biggest pumpkin carving. We needed 956 people to break the record. We spent all day Saturday setting out a thousand pumpkins and carving the tops off of a thousand pumpkins.

A sea of pumpkins at Southfork Ranch
The kids running up and down the rows.
Taking a break
The Pastor (aka my husband) trying to look busy :)
The boys thought it would be fun to direct traffic. Cars were actually stopping...not a good idea.
Big hugs for NoahPumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins
Sweet girls!
A bunch of people carving pumpkins.
Noah was ready to go home at this point.
Rachel carving and carving and carving.....only 999 to go!

The day has finally arrived. At 9 am people began to arrive. We had pony rides, bounce houses, music, games and a petting zoo.
Oliver ready to carve his pumpkin.
Clayton carving all by himself. He was so into it.
Nonae helping Oliver
Erin, Olivia, and Scott
Our cute pumpkins
Emily, Jenni, and Macey
Clayton and Owen

Well, we did not break the record. We had about 400 people there. It was still a record breaking weekend for me. Carving probably 100 pumpkins myself---a record for me. Seeing over 1,000 pumpkins in a field waiting to be carved---record breaking. Seeing how our church pulled together to make this thing run so smoothly---record breaking. The way God provided such an amazing place for this event at the last minute----not record breaking, but incredible, amazing and such and answer to prayer.

We WILL break this record next year!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Carnival

Clayton's school had a fun fall carnival this year. For some reason our kids were one of the few kids with costumes on. Weird!! Chuy is ready for mommy to get home from work so he can get to the carnival.
Digging for Dinos
Duck Pond
Bike Races
Taking it all in
Obi One (or he could be Paul the apostle)
Jumping, jumping

The best part was the nachos...at least I thought so.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BAD morning

(Someone Please Help Us)
The morning started out as usual. Olivia arrived around 6:50am, Oliver woke up around 6:55, we headed out the door at 7:05.....wait a minute...where are my keys??? I look and look and look...they are locked safely in the car. Clayton is supposed to be at school in 20 minutes at this point and we are 2 miles from the school with no sidewalks for us to get there. Three kids....no car. What do we do? I load up the wagon with the two little ones and have Clayton on his bigwheel. Sounds fun, right?? Oh, let me tell you how much fun it was!!! It is still a little dark outside and we are walking down a two lane road with no sidewalks with a wagon and a kid on a bike. People are probably thinking we are crazy...don't worry...I am thinking the same thing...I am not offended. Clayton is crying at this point because he is so worried that he is going to get a tardy and that Mrs. Shehane would be so upset with him. I am yelling at him to keep pedaling, and to pick up the pace. Finally, I decide that he needs to ditch the bike. I thought he could run faster than he could pedal his bike. This pushes Clayton...well, and me over the edge. Now he is worried about being late and that someone was going to take his bike. We still had another mile to go. Oh what great quality family time this last mile was!!!!!
We finally arrive at school, I manage to crush Clayton into the door with the wagon (more tears), and then the sweet lady in the office takes over from here. Then, me and the little ones head back with hopes that the bike was still there. I finally was able to reach Joel and he came and picked us up with the wagon and the bike after we sat on the curb for 20 looong minutes. I had Joel go and tell Clayton that his bike was okay so he would not worry about it all day.

Let's just say this was not a great Mom moment.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Owen's Farm

Clayton had his first field trip today to Owen's Farm. He loved riding the bus.
Here comes the group.
Clayton and Mrs. ShehaneSuch a cute pumpkin
The boys picking out their pumpkins. I got to take one home too. It took Clayton 20 minutes to find the perfect pumpkin. Such a perfectionist.

I think he found the best one!
Clayton's sweet friend with his pumpkin.
Feeding the ducks
This guy loved all the attention.
Feeding the goats.
Petting horses.
These boys are loving the fact that they get to run around ALL day.
The whole class
A fun hay ride.
Best buddies
After the farm, the kids headed to the park for lunch and more playtime at the playground. What a fun field trip.