"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BAD morning

(Someone Please Help Us)
The morning started out as usual. Olivia arrived around 6:50am, Oliver woke up around 6:55, we headed out the door at 7:05.....wait a minute...where are my keys??? I look and look and look...they are locked safely in the car. Clayton is supposed to be at school in 20 minutes at this point and we are 2 miles from the school with no sidewalks for us to get there. Three kids....no car. What do we do? I load up the wagon with the two little ones and have Clayton on his bigwheel. Sounds fun, right?? Oh, let me tell you how much fun it was!!! It is still a little dark outside and we are walking down a two lane road with no sidewalks with a wagon and a kid on a bike. People are probably thinking we are crazy...don't worry...I am thinking the same thing...I am not offended. Clayton is crying at this point because he is so worried that he is going to get a tardy and that Mrs. Shehane would be so upset with him. I am yelling at him to keep pedaling, and to pick up the pace. Finally, I decide that he needs to ditch the bike. I thought he could run faster than he could pedal his bike. This pushes Clayton...well, and me over the edge. Now he is worried about being late and that someone was going to take his bike. We still had another mile to go. Oh what great quality family time this last mile was!!!!!
We finally arrive at school, I manage to crush Clayton into the door with the wagon (more tears), and then the sweet lady in the office takes over from here. Then, me and the little ones head back with hopes that the bike was still there. I finally was able to reach Joel and he came and picked us up with the wagon and the bike after we sat on the curb for 20 looong minutes. I had Joel go and tell Clayton that his bike was okay so he would not worry about it all day.

Let's just say this was not a great Mom moment.


Gigi said...

I know I am about 20 or 25 minutes away, but you should call me when you get in a bind. I could come and get you! I know I don't have enough car seats for 3, but I could have stayed at your house with Oliver and Olivia.

Rachel H said...

So sorry! What a rough start to your day! I hope today was better!