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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

State Fair of Texas--Time Warp Tuesday

I look forward to this moment all year long. I cannot remember a year gone by that I did not attend the State Fair of Texas. I LOVE it!!!! Could it be the food that contains over a thousand calories per bite?? Could it be the demonstrations of people cutting rocks with knives or cooking on skillets that your food will never stick too? The animals? Walking through the Midway? The dogs that fly through the air and do amazing tricks? The car show? To tell you the truth, I can't think of one thing that I love the most. I love the whole experience.

Growing up, my parents would give us each a certain amount of tickets. Understandable when you have four children. I would save my tickets until I walked around the entire fair. I didn't want to use them until I saw everything. After I made my rounds, I would decide on the pizza bought on the midway in a little mirrored building. I didn't know the greatness of the corny dog yet.

My favorite things I bought from the fair....
1. The red see through visor with battery pack and flashing lights across the top. This was awesome!!! Why can't you find these at the fair anymore.
2. The awesome jewelry that you could get the back engraved. I looked forward to my new piece of engraved jewelry every year.
3. A very tiny baby doll with a teeny tiny paci that you could pull in and out of her mouth. I loved her...until I lost her the next week.
4. A metal plate that could clean your jewelry.

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