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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

State Fair of Texas

I picked Clayton up from school today and we headed to the fair. It started raining on us as we headed downtown, but I decided that rain or shine I would be going to the fair. I can't miss it!! The weather ended up being perfect. It was overcast and windy. We started out on the giant slide.

Good old Big Tex
My favorite...the corny dog.
Oliver driving a Ford Loving that corny dog!!The Big Tex SandboxThe boys had the most fun here.
A really cool sand sculpture.Baby chicks.Feeding the goats.I thought this was so cute. The momma goat was so tired that she was resting her head on the baby goat. I feel like doing this all the time, but my babies won' t sit still.My super cute boys!!Every year we like to try one of the new items. This year's hottest item was the chicken fried bacon. I could eat anything chicken fried. I took a few bites. Joel and Oliver really liked it.Free ice cream from the Food and Fiber PavilionTurkey leg....not a fan!!!Clayton fell in love with a stuffed dinosaur as we walked down the midway. Four people had to play this game and the winner got a prize. Easy win for us...we have four people. The down side is that we had to pay for four people. A VERY expensive stuffed dinosaur. We told him he had to decide between rides or the dinosaur. What did he choose?I have never seen a boy so excited over his winnings. You would've thought he won the lottery. He was beaming!!We rode the skyway and could see all over the park. It was a fun ride. It was starting to get dark and all the lights were shining on the Midway.
And to finish off the evening.....cotton candy....a whole bunch of it!!!This sweet baby boy fell asleep with his cotton candy still in his hand. I am sad that my day at the fair is over. I can't wait until next year!!!

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Brandie said...

How fun and great pics!!