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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

End of the Season

Fall Baseball has come to an end. Tonight we had a party at Planet Pizza with the team to celebrate such a great season!

The great thing about Planet Pizza on a Tuesday night is that no one else was there but our team. If you go on a Saturday it feels like there are 700 people there.
Oliver hiding.
Scoring big on skeeball.
This game was great for Oliver because one game lasted 15 minutes. Trying to get some tickets to get a dinosaur toy (we don't have any of these at home :) )
Loving the rides.
Oliver thought he was a big boy !Clayton getting his trophy and ribbon. Way to go Clayton! I am not sure that there will be another baseball season in the near future. Clayton wasn't really into it this year. Clayton continuously asks us if you can take Karate, so we shall see. I don't want to push him into doing something he doesn't enjoy.

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