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Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's Lookin' Like Christmas

It's lookin' like Christmas around here. I love having the tree decorated and the stockings hung. It is my favorite time of the year. My Mom is very big on traditions...especially around Christmas. This year, our family grabbed on to one of the traditions my mom started. We had a decorating party with food and Christmas music. We feasted on chips and queso, little smokies, jalapeno poppers, sweet pickles, ham, cheese and crackers....oh and don't forget the yummy sugar cookies. The only thing we didn't do that my family did is a child is everyone was required to have a talent....at least not this year.

Feasting on our yummy junk food.
Checking out all of the ornaments.
Attempting to hang the star on the tree.Hanging the star on the tree with a little help.
Oliver's choice of spots.
Stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

I set up my department 56 snow village and the boys want to play with it so badly. Every time Oliver goes near it he says, "It's not a toy!". The first thing Clayton does every morning is turn the tree on, and the first thing Oliver does is run straight to the snow village and ask for the lights to be turned on. They are so into it this year.


Gigi said...

I love where Oliver hung the ornaments. So cute! It's so great to have family traditions.

leslieandmatt said...

I just started blogging and found your blog. You're boys are SO cute!! You have a cute blog!

Leslie B.

McDowell Family said...

It's great when the kids hang the ornaments - all at their eye level. Of course, then our 75 lb dog walks by and his tail takes out half of the ornaments!

You look great - at least you kept your maternity clothes. I am starting all over - I gave all of mine to goodwill when Micah was 1.

MichaelandJaclynn said...

I love Christmas!! The boys are too cute!!

Hillary said...

Never a dull moment!

The Morgan Family said...

What a great blog! The pictures are priceless....especially the one where he's on daddy's shoulders in order to get the star on top!