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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

The entire kindergarten had a super Thanksgiving Feast. Half of the kids were indians and the other half were pilgrims. All week they have been learning about the first Thanksgiving. Today they ate foods that kind of resembled food they would have eaten on the very first thanksgiving.
Clayton was so excited that I was there.
Blurry, but they feasted on funyun's, grapes, turkey, beef jerkey, carrots and ranch, cheese cubes, pumpkin pie and a capri sun. I am not sure where all the similarities are between this meal and the first thanksgiving meal, but we will just pretend. I really don't think the indians had access to ranch dressing or funyun's.
This boy loves pumpkin pie.
Clayton's buddy
The best part of the day was that I didn't have to wait in the carpool line.

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