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Sunday, November 2, 2008

New York- Day 1

I was hoping to keep my blog updated while we were on our trip, but the internet access was not free and not cheap, so I will hopefully get updated on our trip over the next couple of days.
Sunday, November 2nd
The day started off crazy. We had church in the morning until 11:40 and then our flight left DFW at 2:40. We had to get the kids, the dog, and all of their stuff loaded up with Joel's mom (Gigi) and then Joel's Dad loaded us up into a different car. Clayton was not too excited about us leaving and his tears were plentiful. It made it hard to leave. Once we got to the airport, checked our bags and sat in the terminal, I relaxed a little. Although, I had a REALLY sore throat. It was getting worse throughout the day. I was sure it would be better in the morning.

We arrived in NYC at 6:45 pm and got to our hotel around 8pm. The hotel was really nice. It was the Crowne Plaza right in the middle of Times Square. A perfect location...except for we were put in a smoking room even though we had called a couple of weeks ago to request a non-smoking room. It was disgusting. I was a little upset and worried about all of my clothes smelling bad all week. We were assured we would be able to move tomorrow. After we got settled in our room, and after examining my throat (my right tonsil was swollen all the way to my teeth. I was beginning to have a hard time swallowing and drinking anything...and talking for that matter.

We headed out on Times Square. I was amazed at the lights, the noise and how many people were walking around everywhere. It was bigger than I could ever have imagined. We walked around for several hours and finally found a place to eat at 10:45. It was Joe's Pizzeria which was in an old church. The pizza was great...well the little I could swallow. It was so nice to eat whenever and whatever we wanted. This city stays awake all night long.

Our first photo in New York--Times Square


Rachel H said...

So fun! All themlights, the action, the chaos...there's nothing like New York!

Your coat is super cute!!

Rachel H said...

I meant "all THE lights"...not all "them" lights. What a red neck. :-)

Sarah said...

Yum! Look at that pizza. I am pretty sure we ate there too, unless there are lots of churchs turned pizza places, which they very well may have tons.

love the red coat! It stands out from all the black that is NY.