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Monday, November 3, 2008

New York- Day 2

Let's just say that day 2 was our least favorite part of the trip. Not a good day! We did receive good news that we were moving to a non-smoking room which made us really happy. After this, we headed out to Lower Manhattan. We had so much planned for this day--Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Wall Street, China Town, Little Italy. We headed to the subway and thought we knew our exact route. WRONG!! We ended up in SOHO and had a hard time figuring out how to get back on track. We finally made it to Battery Park around 12:30. The bad part was that my throat was so bad that I couldn't swallow or talk at all. Joel made a phone call to my OB to try and get some antibiotics for me and they said they would call back. We then headed out to Ellis Island.
We sent a video of the Statue of Liberty to Clayton per his request. He said that he had never seen her in real life except on Wonder Pets.
The city from the Gray Line Boat
Joel listening to the audio tour at Ellis Island.
All of the Walls families on the wall
All of the Halpin families on the wall (There was and Owen Halpin)It was incredible to see the process that these people went through to get into the United States to make a new life for themselves. Our families names were just a teeny tiny part of this huge wall of names. After Ellis Island, we headed out on a mission to make me feel better. We hadn't heard back from my doctor yet, I was frustrated and feeling horrible, so we came up with another plan. Our hotel gave us the name of a walk in clinic near our hotel. We made it there and they didn't take our insurance. They directed us to the ER at Roosevelt hospital....which ended up being about 10 blocks away. As we were sitting in the ER, we finally heard back from my doctor's office (praise the LORD!!) They called me in some antibiotics and we headed to the pharmacy to pick them up. The pharmacy didn't have the prescription...after several (several) phone calls to the dr's office, we found out we were at the wrong place. If I could scream I would!! It was 5pm and we hadn't eaten since 9am. I finally got my antibiotics and we head to the Carnegie Deli. I have never seen food so big!The biggest ham sandwhich EVER!!So happy with my Z-packBIG BLT(it took me nearly an hour to eat because I had to eat it in super tiny pieces)
The best New York Cheesecake I have ever had!The best news was that we got back to our hotel and our bags had been moved to our clean smelling room. YAY!! We went to bed early hoping for a better day tomorrow. I had high hopes that I had strep throat and that it wasn't a virus. Otherwise, things would not be looking up. We had a lot of time to make up since most of our day was spent looking for antibiotics.


Rachel H said...

Amazing that there was an "Owen Halpin" on the wall. I just showed O. He thought it was cool!

Sarah said...

I am loving reading what you did! Josh and I shared a BLT there and I totally believe it could have taken you that long to eat it! So sorry about your throat though.