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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New York-Day 3

We had a lot of time to make up today due to the medicine hunt yesterday. We first started off at Ground Zero. There wasn't really much to see here. There was a lot of construction for the new Freedom Tower.

A plaque outside of a fire station near ground zero.Across the street from ground zero is St. Paul's church. This church has been around since the 1700's. On 9/11 this church was completely covered in debris. Two giant trees in front of the church were completely split in two. The church was not damaged at all. Every stain glass window was intact. The church was used as a respite place for the workers after 9/11. People slept and ate here. The church was covered in letters of people looking for their loved ones , pictures of the lives lost, letters written by children encouraging the workers. It was really strange to see it so close. We then headed to the Natural History Museum. The dinosaurs were the most exciting part.
After the museum we went to Gray's Papaya for a cheap lunch. 6 bucks for hot dogs and drinks. We walked through Central Park eating our hot dogs. The trees were amazing. I have never seen trees with such colors to them.
This is at the central park zoo. We had done so much walking already today, we sat and watched the sea lions swim around and around for 20 minutes.
We ate dinner at the Starlight cafe ( a place where all the waiters and waitresses sing the whole time). I had to eat chicken noodle soup due to my throat. Then we went to see Wicked. It was awesome. I loved it!!! And, during the show, my throat all of the sudden got better. I won't go into details. I was so excited about that. After two days of giving Joel the silent treatment, I could finally talk to him.Election night was CRAZY in Rockefeller Plaza and Time Square. I think we my have been the minority of the voters in the large swarm of people. Every one was wearing an Obama button except for us. Time square was packed. They said it was like New Year's Eve down there. After some ice cream, we went back to the room to watch the announcement on TV. We weren't up for the big giant crowd of screaming crazy peeps. We could here people screaming past midnight.

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