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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Chewy Spidey

The boys decided that they were going to dress up in Star Wars attire today and play light saber. Fun times!!! Oliver thought it would be better to add a little Spider Man to his costume. He wore the Chewbaca costume with a spider man glove all day long...would not take it off. He played outside in costume, rode bikes in costume and my parents even took him to dinner with it on. Such a funny little guy. When Oliver has his mind set on something, there is no changing it. Lucky for him, costume wearing out in public does not bother me.


Rachel H said...

Such a cute video!! I love hearing Oliver's little voice! O and Noah just watched the video about 10 times and are begging to watch it again. It's so fun to have video clips on your blog!

MichaelandJaclynn said...

I love it!! Too funny!