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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

The day has finally arrived!! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus! The boys were so excited to get up this morning. Luckily Oliver slept until 7:30 and we woke Clayton up. Santa brought some cool stuff this year.

For Oliver, Santa decided he was going green and recycled our old train table. It was a big mess, so Oliver got a whole new track and trains. He loves it. He would not open any other presents. All he wanted to do was play with the train table.

Clayton wanted so many things this year, but Santa decided on the "D-rex" interactive robot. This guy is pretty cool. He will come to you when you call him, wag his tail when you pet him, he will attack on command....Clayton loves it.
Here is is testing it out for the first time.
Oliver loving his new trains.
Our two pets.
Daddy's new toy...Rock Band.
Clayton wanted a picture of him with all of his new guys. He got 5 new webkins and 3 new beanie babies, plus a WallE robot.
After a fun morning at home, we headed to the traditional breakfast at Mimi and Gongi's house. Oliver would not put his clothes on, so he wore is PJ's all day.
Owen got a new guitar, so Joel was teaching him some cords.
Then....off to Gigi and Grandpa's house. There are 8 grandchildren 5 and under, so you can just imagine the chaos.
Clayton was super excited about getting obi-won.
After presents, we had a great lunch and many many hours of Rock Band (video to follow).
I had a great Christmas also. I got a new video camera which I love. It is called "The Flip" and is as small as a cell phone. I can carry it everywhere I go. Here are some clips. I was just testing it out.
video video

I also got maid service for a year. I was the most excited about this!!! I hope you all had a great Christmas.

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MichaelandJaclynn said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!! I am totally jealous of your maid service!