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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is spent at my parent's house. Santa actually makes a special trip here early for this event.
Oliver was a super grouch due to exhaustion and we were trying to get some smiling pictures by giving him m&m's. It worked for a few minutes. Loving on Sadie.
My mom started the PJ tradition when I was little. Every Christmas Eve we would get to open one present under the tree. It was always PJs. We didn't catch on to that for a while. Now the tradition continues, but with the entire family. We all have matching PJs.All the girls (and Oliver's head..he was not into picture taking).All the boys (minus Oliver).SistersThe kids (and a crying Oliver)Waiting for SantaWatching for his sleigh.He came!!! and Clayton got a computer, printer and computer desk. He loves it. Plus, he got his own paper (he likes to use lots and lots of paper). What an incredible gift!
Me and my sister, Erin made this apron for Momma Pat. We stayed up late sewing so it would be perfect. She is an incredible seamstress, so we wanted to make sure it was just right. She loved it!
Oliver didn't even notice the giant tractor he got. He was so into the new car garage Santa brought him. He did not want to unwrap any more presents.
I love Christmas!!!
....and we have lose tooth.
.....more Christmas to come!

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Rachel H said...

Love all the matching jammies! Such a great tradition!