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Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Party

....it's actually called a "holiday party", but we will stick to Christmas party. The party began with the arrival of the gingerbread man. The kids were literally in shock that he was back in their classroom. They had been finding clues and crumbs of where the gingerbread had been all week. Clayton came home so excited to tell me what the gingerbread man had been up to. I love how sweet and innocent they are. They had so many questions about where he came from. I read "The Gingerbread Man" to them and then they were able to nibble of our newly found friend. I am not sure how he made it around without any eyes.

The kids stayed super busy with all different crafts and activities. Clayton is sweaty because he just got back from PE. Here he is making a gingerbread ornament.
Then, yummy snack time.
Best buds...
Here is Clayton's classic icing work. He likes it piled on.
At the end of the party, one of the kids had little candy canes to pass out to the kids since it was his birthday. Clayton then asked Mrs. Shehane if he could pass out his gifts after him. (What??? I am super confused....) I said,"Clayton, we didn't bring gifts for everyone." He said,"Yes, I brought candy for everyone.....I got it out of my Halloween bucket." Hmmmm....interesting. Very thoughtful though. Mrs. Shehane gave him a dry erase board and a marker which he has not stopped writing on for a moment. He loves it.


Brandie said...

Great ideas for a class party!!

Rachel H said...

Clayton has such a wonderful spirit of generosity! The Boys love their tiny cars he bought for them. And sharing his candy with the whole class on his own initiative?! What a big heart he has! Did you do anything particular in your parenting to foster this?

Gigi said...

What a generous sweet little guy that Deedle is! I love him so much!