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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Trains, Trains and more Trains

My Dad has his 51 year old train set running around his Christmas tree. Last night we were over there and Oliver could not wait for Nonae to get home so he could get the train running. When he got home from work, they had a blast. They got out the rest of the tracks and put it around the room.

Oliver was not as much into the electric train. He liked pushing the trains around himself.
Clayton loved controlling the train.
The best part was that Clayton and Nonae turned it into a fun game. Clayton would send his dry erase board and marker around to Nonae, he would write something, and then send it back. They were pretty much on the same playing field as far as reading goes. My Dad was having to learn to read phonetically and Clayton was just trying to read normally. It was funny.
My dad had sent a note saying "Yell Loud" and Clayton wrote this back.
(Yell Quiet)
After Joel heard how much fun the boys had, he got inspired to get our train tracks running. Joel has his Dad's old train tracks and we have Clayton's train track that went around his nursery when he was a baby. The boys headed to the train store this morning to get the missing parts. Then they had seven solid hours of fun with this train track (while I was out and about doing Christmas shopping). Grandpa came over to have some fun with it too.

I finished up my shopping and I wrapped everything this evening. My wrapping paper turned out so cute that I had to post a picture of it. It is so nice to know that I have actually completed a project....not very common around here these days.


Brandie said...

Super cute wrapping paper!

Rachel H said...

LOVE the "Yell Cwiit"! Such a smartie he is!!