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Thursday, February 5, 2009

100th day of School

I cannot believe this little guy has been in school 100 days. This is a very big day in elementary school. They spend the day counting all different kinds of things all the way to 100. Each child wears something that has 100 things on it. Clayton decided he wanted to wear a shirt covered in snoopy characters....100 of them. Let's just say it was super fun for his mommy to cut all 100 of these guys out. He loves his "100" shirt and wants to sleep in it every night.

On a different note, Clayton received a special award during the school awards ceremony. He got the "Sunshine award". It says "a smiling face that brightens everyones day." I am so proud to have a son that has such a kind heart and can truly brighten someones day.


Rachel H said...

The shirt turned out so cute!!

And way to go, Clayton, on your award! Mr. Sunshine, in the house!

Brandie said...

Thats a wonderful award! Congrats to Clayton, and Mom & Dad.

Lia Kate Stone said...

Wow! Check out that aplique (is that how to spell that?)...what a great mommy. You are sure to win "the greatest Kindergarten mom of the year award".

Sarah said...

LOVE the shirt!!

Way to go Clayton!! :)

Gigi said...

Very cute shirt, and very cute little sunshine man!!