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Sunday, February 22, 2009

20th (plus or minus) annual Oscar Party

Oscar night is a HUGE deal for my family. We have had an Oscar Party every year since I can remember. We get our own ballots and my Dad buys tons and tons of candy. Each time we vote correctly we get to pick out candy. It is so much fun and never gets old. Even one year, my dad was out of town and video taped his choices...not sure how we did this without tevo.

This year we feasted on make your own paninis. YUMMY!!

My Dad posing in front of all the candy!!

We love this party....what are the Oscars and why is Star Wars not nominated???
Oliver feasting on junk food.
Macey and Emily
Erin so surprised that Wall-E won!! She stole the Andes chocolates from me......:(
Dad is studying up on his ballot.
Chad is awaiting the results.
I did pretty well this year. I got 15 correct. That is a lot of candy. Pretty good for not seeing any of the movies.

My dad always buys one questionable candy item that no one ever picks. This year it was a cow tail. Towards the end of the night, he put it on display with a flashlight shining on it trying to get someone to pick it. I am not sure it ever got chosen. I look forward to next year!!


Brandie said...

How fun!! A neat idea for sure.

Sarah said...

HOLY CANDY BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) I wish I was there...

Jonna said...

you guys are too funny