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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Obi Won Update

Our little boy has no name yet (well, I have a name, but it has not been approved yet) so Clayton would like to call him Obi Won. Joel and Clayton have come up with names like Sven, Darth Halpin, Han Solo Halpin, Darth Sivius, Storm Trooper Halpin. Do we see a theme??? I personally do not find it funny at all and really would like to have a name for our son. A real name. It is part of the bonding process for me. This little guy has really gotten some strength lately. You can already see my stomach move from the outside. I love that!!! He is definitely a Halpin Boy...unable to sit still.
My first belly shot (22 weeks)
My sister-in-law sent me this shirt and I LOVE it!!
Boy Moms Rock!!!
Two sweet friends at work (Valerie and Lisa) bought me this super cute "princess basket". I am actually excited about being the only girl in the house. I really LOVE pink, so I guess that it will all be for me! So far, no one in the house has asked to use anything in this basket. Pretty nice!

I went fabric hunting today for the nursery. I am going to make the bedding and curtains, so I need to get started. This fabric may be in the running. It is so hard to tell what it really looks like since it is such a small swatch. It was not exactly what I was looking for, so I am going to keep looking.

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Sarah said...

love the pink basket! THat is SOO sweet!