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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What Brain Cells??

I have been so absent minded lately (well, more than usual). This baby and the other two boys are causing some loss in brain cells...or maybe I am just getting older. Today, I had to get both boys packed on ready to spend the night out since Joel is out of town. I got all of their stuff loaded in the car with 20 minutes to spare. This is not normal, so I sat down at my computer for a minute. I usually misplace my keys, so I thought I should look for them ahead of time. 20 minutes later, no keys. If you know me well, this may sound familiar. Well, a crazy thought crossed my mind. 'Oh no, my keys are in Clayton's backpack which is already at school with him' (Joel had dropped him off on the way to the airport). Panic sets in. I call the school.

Me: Um...this may sound crazy, but could you have someone check my son's bag for my car keys.
School:The secretary calls back....We have your keys!!!
Me: Ok...I'll find someone to come get them.
Me: (no one will answer their phone to help me get the keys)
Me: (crying) Hi, this is Erica again...the one with the keys....ummmm could you have someone bring me my keys.
School: Sure.
Key Deliverer: I didn't realize that when I became a teacher that I would be doing deliveries and parent counseling.

What a great way to make an impression on your son's elementary school. I am sure I was the joke of the day!!! Never a dull moment!


Rachel H said...

Oh no, Erica!! I wish you had called me! It's so nice they broght your keys to you.

Brandie said...

I laughed out loud. Great story. One though this will be funny to you as well =)

Gigi said...

I'm sorry. I always tell you to call me when you need help, and I am never there to answer the phone.