"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring is Back

I was so bummed out by the weekend cold snap....especially after packing up all the winter clothes. Today, the rain finally cleared up and it ended up being a gorgeous day. We met our friends Valerie and Morgan at the Arboretum. She took some good pictures with her camera which I will post later. We had so much fun! Oliver slept for and hour and a half after we left. He ran and ran and ran.
***Oliver took a tumble this weekend, so please ignore the GIANT scab on his forehead***

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Little Artist

Clayton's artwork was chosen to be displayed and judged at the Wylie ISD art exhibit. He loves drawing and has become quite the little artist. We didn't know what piece they chose, so we couldn't wait to see. I was actually surprised at what they chose. He has so many other drawings that are so much better, but we are so proud of him.

This was in the tempura paint category. It does have some abstract qualities to it.

The proud artist

Friday, March 27, 2009


This funny little guy insists on dressing himself for bedtime. He does not want to wear jammies. He wanted to wear jeans, a sweater vest and his mickey mouse crocs. This is a nightly battle with him. We have decided that it is not a battle worth fighting. He also starts out in his bed, and falls asleep on the floor. He is a NUT!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Officially Trained

Oliver is officially potty trained. YAY!! I am so relieved. We started last Monday and decided to move forward no matter what. Monday did not go so well, but we stuck to it and the next day he did great. He has not worn diapers since last Monday. 9 days!!! He even stays dry at night...well, most nights. Today was his first day at mother's day out and he did great. We are so proud of him. I will have a 3 month break from buying diapers.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

S'More Fun

We celebrated Nonna's birthday around the firepit making S'mores and swimming in the hot tub. I am loving this weather. The kids had a blast. Happy Birthday, Nonna!
I think Joel had the most fun!
All of the Walls grandkids.

Oliver loved burning marshmallows, not so much eating them.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Zoo Fun

We tried to keep Spring Break a little interesting and do fun things everyday. Today we rode the DART rail and went to the Dallas Zoo. Some great friends went with us. The boys love being outside running, so they go plenty of energy burned off. The weather was awesome!! My camera battery was dead, so I could turn it on really quick and get a few shots here and there.

I am so thankful that we chose the Dallas Zoo. My sisters went to the Ft. Worth zoo..it took 2 hours to get there...the zoo was closed due to it being at capacity....drove 2 hours home. So sad!! Tomorrow the boys are headed to lunch with Gigi and to see the movie "Bolt" at the dollar theater.

Elliot's Flip

This sono was done at 24 weeks (3weeks ago). If you can tell, his head starts out on the left side of the screen (he has his feet over his head) then he does a back flip and he ends up face down with his head on the right of the screen. He is quite the active little guy. I think he is trying to keep up with his brothers already!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I took a week off from my computer so I could get my prayer life back in order. It has been so hard to stay away, but it was more important to get my priorities straight. So, I have spent my free time today getting caught up on the past weeks' adventures.

Warm Weather= :) :)
Finally a Party!!
All Spiffy
The Wedding Day
More Birthday Partying
St. Patty's Day Breakfast
A Crazy Day at the Arbo
Baby Bedding Update

Baby Bedding Update

Here is what I have so far for Elliot's room. I decided to go with a breathable baby bumper since the recommendation is to not use bumpers on baby beds now to reduce the risk of SIDS. It is not as cute as a regular bumper, but oh well. I cannot wait to get the room painted. My next step is recovering the rocker glider.

A Crazy Day at the Arbo

EVERYONE was at the arboretum today! It was crazy packed. You didn't notice it much once you got in, but the parking situation was insane. We got there around 11:20 and didn't actually get in the arboretum until after 12:30. We still had a good time. I was not into picture taking today due to being tired from last nights festivities, but here are a few.

It was such a gorgeous day. I wish it could stay like this year round. The boys have had such a fun spring break so far. We spent the evening at the pool at Lifetime. They are both doing so well swimming already. They are going to be fish this summer.

St. Patty's Day Breakfast

A yummy St. Patty's Day Breakfast for the party boys. We had green scrambled eggs and green waffles. You can't tell in the picture that the waffle is green, but it is. The boys loved it!

Monday, March 16, 2009

More Birthday Partying

This is one special six year old. The partying has gone on for 2 weeks. This year's party was a sleepover with a few friends of his choice. It was a great kick-off into our spring break. The boys arrived with so much excitement and energy. You can only imagine a house full of five boys and one mommy. We started off with yummy pizza.
After a little play time in the house, I decided it was time to burn off some energy outside. We all headed to the pond to feed the ducks, then to the creek to skip rocks.
Each boy decided to take a stuffed animal and one of the arms was tucked into their pockets.
Here we are feeding the ducks. The ducks either did not like oyster crackers or were not very hungry this evening.

We started out skipping rocks and then it was teamwork to get the biggest boulder thrown in the creek.
Finding the biggest boulder.

This little boy thought he was every bit as big as the others. He stayed up with them and did everything they did. He even slept with them. He has no clue that he is only three.
On the truck back home, we found a huge dirt pile...every boys dream!!
Happy birthday to you!!!! I was planning on making a lightsaber cake, but Clayton saw this little cake at Walmart and insisted. Less work for me!
After hours of playing in the dark with their new party favor flashlights (literally hours), Joel built a tent for the boys to sleep under. I was schooled on tent making strategies after asking if we needed tape to keep the tent up. Joel thought that was really funny. I learned a lot about how to get sheets to stay up and make a really big and cool tent. Boy mom lesson #10.
At last.....all boys tucked in with flashlights and Star Wars episode IV playing. I thought they would fall asleep. The movie started at 10pm and they all (except for Oliver) stayed up through the whole movie. They went to sleep at 11:45.
You can't really see the sleeping boys, but this was them sound asleep this morning.
They had a blast! It was a first for all of them. They were perfect. I am exhausted, but I know they had the best time.