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Monday, March 16, 2009

More Birthday Partying

This is one special six year old. The partying has gone on for 2 weeks. This year's party was a sleepover with a few friends of his choice. It was a great kick-off into our spring break. The boys arrived with so much excitement and energy. You can only imagine a house full of five boys and one mommy. We started off with yummy pizza.
After a little play time in the house, I decided it was time to burn off some energy outside. We all headed to the pond to feed the ducks, then to the creek to skip rocks.
Each boy decided to take a stuffed animal and one of the arms was tucked into their pockets.
Here we are feeding the ducks. The ducks either did not like oyster crackers or were not very hungry this evening.

We started out skipping rocks and then it was teamwork to get the biggest boulder thrown in the creek.
Finding the biggest boulder.

This little boy thought he was every bit as big as the others. He stayed up with them and did everything they did. He even slept with them. He has no clue that he is only three.
On the truck back home, we found a huge dirt pile...every boys dream!!
Happy birthday to you!!!! I was planning on making a lightsaber cake, but Clayton saw this little cake at Walmart and insisted. Less work for me!
After hours of playing in the dark with their new party favor flashlights (literally hours), Joel built a tent for the boys to sleep under. I was schooled on tent making strategies after asking if we needed tape to keep the tent up. Joel thought that was really funny. I learned a lot about how to get sheets to stay up and make a really big and cool tent. Boy mom lesson #10.
At last.....all boys tucked in with flashlights and Star Wars episode IV playing. I thought they would fall asleep. The movie started at 10pm and they all (except for Oliver) stayed up through the whole movie. They went to sleep at 11:45.
You can't really see the sleeping boys, but this was them sound asleep this morning.
They had a blast! It was a first for all of them. They were perfect. I am exhausted, but I know they had the best time.


Rachel H said...

Thanks so much for including O! He can't stop talking about Clayton's "big boy party w/o Noah." It was fun to take a peek at your pics to see what fun they had!

McDowell Family said...

I can see that Star Wars is a big hit in your household, too! I think William and Clayton have the same Star Wars shirt.

Cool video of Elliot flipping!