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Saturday, March 7, 2009

So Much Accomplished

I finally got motivated to get some things done around here. Since Clayton is still sick with the flu, we were going to be at home anyways. I can actually say that I did everything I set out to do today! Yay!!!! I have been waiting to start the nursery until I finished the boys' room, so I finally finished it. Two of the biggest projects were left--sewing a duvet cover for Oliver's bed and adding another rod to the closet with a shelf.

The new duvet cover. Time consuming, but easy. I can't buy the dinosaur bedding anymore, so I had to get creative. Oliver has the solid duvet and Clayton has the dino duvet.

Joel hung the new rod and shelving for the closet and then I organized all of the clothes. It was a great time to bring in the spring clothes and put away most of the winter. So now we have a clean, organized room (a big thanks to my sis,Erin) that two boys can live in comfortably.
Now moving on....I finally started on the bedding for the nursery and I actually made a crib sheet!!! I cannot believe I could do this without a hitch at all. My bobbin didn't even screw up like it usually does. It was so easy. I have never worked with elastic or been able to zig zag stitch(I finally figured it out, Sarah...on accident). But, it all came together.
The hardest part was sewing the elastic in. I am so proud of myself that I took so many pictures.

I even took the tent off the bed and set the mattress up high for a tiny baby to sleep in it.
I just thought for sure it would not fit. I was shocked that it fit perfectly.

I used this tutorial for anyone interested. Tomorrow I may try and do the bed skirt. I'm on a roll!!!


Rachel H said...

Wow! Both rooms look great, Erica!

Gigi said...

It looks great. Your sewing skills are amazing! I can't believe that you have taught yourself to do a lot of this. Good job!

MichaelandJaclynn said...

WOW!! Good job!! I can hardly sew a straight line withour messing up. I am impressed :)

Sarah said...

super duper CUTE!! Good job Erica! can't wait to see the rest.

Hillary said...

You never cease to amaze me!