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Monday, April 13, 2009

Dentist Day

Today was Oliver's first dentist visit. I was so worried about how he would do. It is hard enough to brush his teeth. When they called the boys names, Clayton got up and Oliver followed behind him. I was planning on going back with Oliver because I wasn't sure he would do it alone, but off he went. I knew if he went back, he would do better without me there. They said he did great. He even had x-rays done. He told me he cried during the x-rays. I am so proud that he did it all by himself. His big brother showed him the ropes. Plus, their dentist office is incredible.

Such a big boy!
...,.and his great big brother.
Both with a clean bill of dental health. Yay!!


The Morgan Family said...

Oh, that's fantastic! What big boys! Ashlan has her first dental appt on the 30th. I hope she does just as great as your boys did!

Brandie said...

That's great! My youngest still wont have anything to do with the dentist. We'd talked to them, his only dentist accomplishment.