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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fun Afternoon with Owen

Owen has had a lot going on at his house this past week, so we decided to have a super fun all boy afternoon (well except for me). It was filled with stick finding, water splashing, mud stomping and tons and tons of running. I love how these boys have so much energy. Even after two hours of running, they still had it in them to race to the car. Whew!!

The Kings of the Playground--at least that is what they told me.
running.........and more running.The forced pose in the pretty wild flowers.
Fishing for mud with sticks.

A super muddy boy!After a change of clothes for everyone in the car (sock and shoe removal, mud cleansing from faces and hands...you name it) we made a phone call to our favorite Gigi and had her meet us at one of our favorite places. Don't tell Owen's mommy, but we headed to Braum's. We couldn't end our fun afternoon without some ice cream!!! So, we had dessert before dinner.

.....and we enjoyed every single bite!!
Thanks, Owen for spending the afternoon with us! We had the best time.


Gigi said...

Those boys are all so precious and cute. I loved my ice cream too!

Rachel H said...

Love seeing pics of all the fun they had! Thanks again for including O!