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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

We had such a fun and relaxing Memorial Day. We swam all day long. For some reason, our bodies are all red after wearing 50 spf all day.....could it be user error?? I love spending the day with my family.

Oliver ready to slide.
Clayton and Macey chilling in the pool.
Clayton and Emily
Elliot's Memorial Day debut. Please, no laughs. My sisters insisted. One hot momma!!! LOL!
Sweet P-sters
Olivia loves the pool.
Jenni and Mom relaxing in the shade.

We look forward to many more relaxing days at the pool this summer.

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Rachel H said...

Your belly is so cute! I never did see your pregnancy pics. Did you ever have them done? Next Memorial Day you will have a whole extra little swimmer!