"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Forgetful Tooth Fairy

Clayton lost his second tooth on Sunday night. He was really hesitant to put it under his pillow this time because he really wanted to keep the tooth. He asked us to look up on the internet why the tooth fairy needs the tooth and what she does with it. He finally decided to put it under his pillow. The morning came and Clayton comes into the kitchen with his tooth and says ,"BAD luck!" and just stares at the both of us. I looked at Joel and we both had the look of horror in our eyes. We had forgotten all about it. So, we scrambled and found some money and we acted as if he just couldn't find the money she had left. He was none the wiser...plus he got to keep his tooth. Whew! Sorry, Clayton, tooth fairy is a little tired.


Aars 5 said...

Congratulations on your beautiful new baby boy! I've been checking your blog daily the past two weeks for news of the baby--and your funny stories don't disappoint :-) The tooth fairy story had me laughing out loud. I hope sleep comes back to you soon. Best wishes for your family!

Brandie said...

That's a very funny and memorable story!!

Ari said...

Congratulations on the baby. He is so perfect. Did the other 2 sleep that well?
Remind Clayton of the book, "What do the Fairies do With All Those Teeth". I miss you guys and I hope you are having a great summer.