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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cicada Killers Killer

Yesterday, Joel was mowing the yard and trimming the hedges. He was then attacked by these GIANT wasp-like insects that were an inch to two inches long. They were flying into him and "attacking" him. Joel abandoned all yard work until we could figure out what to do. As cheap as I am, I finally let him call pest control. What we have is Cicada Killers. Sounds scary, but the males, which are the attackers ,don't have stingers. Their job is to intimidate. One of them sat on the fence all day just to guard the nest. So, he told Joel that he could take care of the problem himself for a lot cheaper.

Today was D-day. He wanted to purchase a bee keeper suit, but they were quite expensive. Here is the Cicada Killer killer. Ready and fully armed with two cans of wasp spray and fogger. Sadly, I do not have pictures with the goggles. I kept the laughter to myself because I didn't want to be the one facing these giant attacking insects.Operation Cicada Killer killing was a success. There were five nests on the sided of the house. Thanks, brave and manly husband. You are our hero!


Rachel H said...

That is quite the outfit! Great job, Joel! I would not want to face those nasty bugs.

Gigi said...

Love the outfit!

Brandie said...

Oh dear! Those are some seriously looking scary bugs. And Joel looks so handsome! Great blog.

Jonna said...

I bet he was sweating profusely!! we have those bugs, too. They are scary large!