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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Earning His Keep

It is time for Clayton to start earning his keep around here. He is always wanting us to buy him stuff wherever we go and doesn't understand why he can't have something every time we step foot in Target or Walmart. So, he is going to start earning an allowance and learning about saving, tithing, and spending money. Starting this week, he is going to be doing dishes, vacuuming, cleaning his bathroom, taking out the trash, and a few other chores. He will earn six dollars at the end of the month if he completes all of his chores. Every year he will get a raise to match his age. He will still be required to do his normal things to help out around the house and those things will not be a part of his earnings.

Hope it goes well. I would love to have a boy cleaning up the bathroom that is used by all boys. I think it is only fair since I do not pee on the floor.


Lainey-Paney said...

Amen about the peeing on the floor thing.

Less than a week ago I called a family meeting in the bathroom (toilet scrubby in hand, no less!) to address such issues.
I have perfect aim. I shouldn't have to do this!

The Morgan Family said...

That's hilarious about the toilets!

Ashlan LOVES to use the Windex and clean windows. I pay her a quarter a window. I have some super clean windows because she cleans them nearly everyday. I honestly don't think it's about the money now...she just loves squirtting that Windex bottle..