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Friday, July 24, 2009

Surgery Day

The big day has arrived. Time to fix that outy belly button. We woke up bright and early and arrived at the Pediatric Surgery Center at 6:30. Thanks to Aunt Rachel for staying home with Elliot and Clayton (who has had fever for five days). Oliver knew he was getting his belly button fixed, but not really sure what that entailed. The Surgery Center was awesome. They had a DVD player in each room and he picked out a movie and a toy to play with while we waited. Gigi brought him a baby to take with him to surgery. He has loved playing with babies at MDO and at Gigi's house and was so upset that he wasn't going to MDO to hold babies today. He loved his new baby! He said he was going to name him Dr. Hermann (after the surgeon). So funny!!

Watching Dora.
Before he went off to surgery, they gave him some "silly juice". It just started taking effect when the came to take him off. He started giggling and had the hiccups. I wish we could've seen a little bit more of this silly side. They came to get us after about 45 minutes. He had a horrible time coming out of the anesthesia. It completely broke my heart. It is so hard when there is nothing you can do to console your children. He said he was hurting, and was really bothered by the IV in his hand and the pulse ox on his foot. Once they got him some pain meds and removed all of the other stuff, he seemed much better. We were out of there by 9 am.
I thought he would sleep the whole way home, but not this boy! He watched "Alvin and the Chipmunks" the whole way.
Then, I thought he would fall asleep on the couch when we got home, but he was too busy feeding his baby.

Then, he had some painting and coloring to do. Thanks to Mimi and Gongi for this really neat wonderpets book.
Then, he enjoyed about 10 chocolate chip cookies. This boy LOVES some chocolate. Thanks Aunt Rachel!!
After the cookies, he requested bunny and pterodactyl sandwhiches. He ate it all.
Around 2 pm, I took Clayton to the pedi for the second time this week and called Joel on the way home to see if Oliver had crashed. NOPE!! He was up playing on the computer. He had two doses of Tylenol with codeine, post-op with anesthesia, and acting as if nothing ever happened. CRAZY!! Finally, around 5:30 pm, he climbed up on the couch and crashed.
Sweet baby!!
We are still anxious to see the new belly button. The bandage comes off on Sunday, but it will still be covered in steri-strips, so hopefully by the end of next week we will see it. I can't wait.


thesmallmoments said...

So glad that it all went well!

Lainey-Paney said...

glad everything went well.

Our son has a baby doll too.
I can't buy into the "dolls are for girls!" stereotype. The way I see it---we are raising them to be men---sensitive, caring fathers someday! {I hope, anyway!}

Brandie said...

It looks like he did great! I love how resilient children are.