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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Swimming Show Day

The boys have been taking swimming lessons for the past two weeks. Today was their show day to show us everything they have learned. They start out jumping in the water with their clothes on so they can see what it feels like in case they were to fall in on accident.
Oliver's Class
Oliver jumps in.
Back float
He has really become a fish this summer. He jumps of the board and swims to the steps all by himself. He can swim the short length of the pool. Pretty good for a three year old.
Here he goes.

Clayton is ready for his class to start.

A super cute three week old baby. He is loving the show.
Clayton is a great swimmer. He is swimming the entire length of the pool, diving in the deep end for rings, diving off the board, and doing flips. The next pictures are a sequence of his flip.

Beautiful dive.
Great job, boys!

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