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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beach Fun

We had so much fun at the beach. Clayton spent most of his time digging in the sand and Oliver spent most of his time running from the waves. He was so tired at lunch one day that he was falling asleep at the table while eating. They LOVED it! Elliot was also a big fan of the beach breeze. He slept so good out on the beach in his swing. He was not a big fan of the ocean water. It was a little too chilly for him!
Olivia enjoying the sand.
Clayton is digging a hole to China. He said that China would have a big hole in their sky when he gets there.

There were so many jellyfish. These are some that Joel caught. These are all dead and the kids could play with them. Joel got stung by one while he was out catching these. Ouch!
Me and Psters
Me and Clayton
Sweet Elliot enjoying the breeze.
Clayton loved catching the waves in the tube.
Oliver catching some waves on the boogie board.
I looked over at one point and saw Oliver removing his swimsuit. Yikes. It was FULL of sand. Look at that white hiney.
Our beach retreat. Joel got really burnt on the first day, so he spent a lot of time in the shade.

Are you to China yet?
Little Miss Stylish
Beach baby
Surfin' Boy

Olivia catching a wave.

Joel is skim boarding here.

...and wiping out here.

This jellyfish is alive. You can see it still has it's tentacles.
We made a sand crab.
and buried our cousins.
We cannot wait to go back next year. We had a blast. It is the perfect vacation for high energy boys. They can run, dig and play all day!

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Rachel H said...

So, so, so much fun! O and Nosy would have LOVED the beach! I am so glad y'all had a terrific, relaxing time!