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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Elliot is usually pretty fussy around dinner time. I think all of my kids have been this way. I am not sure why they choose the busiest time of the evening to want all of your attention, but we have to deal. Tonight, I was actually able to enjoy my dinner without having to scarf it down or eat it with one hand. Plus, we had the cutest little centerpiece.

He is always wanting to sit up or stand. He never wants to be held like a baby, so this is perfect for him. He has still not mastered the bumbo, but it works for the time it takes to eat dinner!
Clayton wanted him facing his way so he could talk to him through dinner.


The Morgan Family said...

You are exactly right! Cutest centerpiece ever! He must feel like the King of the household sitting up there watching everyone below eat...hehe

McDowell Family said...

Great idea! I haven't tried Jude in the bumbo chair yet...we'll try tonight!

Gigi said...

I would like that centerpiece for my table!

Brandie said...

Love that centerpiece!