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Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of First Grade

Clayton was so excited last night that he was still awake at 10:00 last night. He had been in bed since 7. He darted out of bed this morning and raced to get his clothes on. He could not wait.

He looks so old and handsome. He picked out his own outfit at the mall.
Posing in front of the school. He was so eager to get in.
I had a gift for him to take Mrs. Shehane from last year and he was so worried he was going to miss something in his new class. I had to force him to go down the kindergarten hall.
We finally made it to first grade. Here is is putting is bag in his locker.

Telling his baby brother goodbye.
Big hugs for Oliver.
Here is the drop off team. Nonna had to work or she would've been there too.

Oh, and here are our apples for the teacher. I made cake pops from Bakerella and they look like little apples...or are they tomatoes. She does a much better job at them, but it is the thought that counts, right??He made it home safely on the bus. He had a great day!


Sarah said...

So glad he had a great day and made it safely on the bus!!

Rachel H said...

What a wonderful day! Your cake pops are adoreable!

Gigi said...

I had a great time seeing him off to school today. He is a handsome man!

Sandi said...

That is pretty cool he can ride the bus! Will it pick him up in the morning?

He looks so big now!!!

Brandie said...

Man it seems like I was just looking at his first day of Kinder pics. Time flies way to quickly!

Julianne said...

He is so big! It sounds like he has been blessed with a GREAT teacher - just like Ally & Maddie. I am so glad God has given us these wonderful teachers and schools that our kids are fortunate enough to go to every day!! Ally & Maddie come home talking about new friends every day and have so much to say about the great things they are learning. I love it!