"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Friday, August 28, 2009


Clayton has been so determined to learn to ride his bike without training wheels this week. As of last week, he was terrified of his big bike even with the training wheels. Clayton saw his best bud, Caleb, riding his bike and that is all it took. He didn't want any help. He didn't want Joel running up and down the street holding on the back of his bike and then letting go. He wanted to learn all by himself. So, we have spent four evenings this week outside with Clayton practicing and practicing and falling and getting back up...over and over again. Well, tonight, it clicked. HE DID IT (which is what Oliver shouted with joy)!!!! I teared up, of course! He said, "A good bike rider never gives up!!" He had the best attitude the entire time in learning how to ride his bike. We are so proud of you, big boy!

When he got in the house he said he was taking a shower. He said that he is too big for baths now. When did he get so big??


Gigi said...

I am so proud of that Deedle! Love him!

Rachel H said...

Hooray Clayton! We are really proud of your new trick. But we are even more proud of your wonderful attitude and how you kept on trying until you got it. Great job!

Kimbrell said...

Emily says, "Way to go Clayton!!! You did awesome!"

Sarah said...

Way to go Clayton!!! You are a good bike rider, cause you never gave up!