"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Arbo Days are Back Again

I love the arboretum in the fall. Pumpkins are everywhere. Joel was at boy scout training all day, so me and my mom took the boys. We had an awesome time!!

We stopped by my parents house to hang out with Nonae for awhile.

In a Box

Why is it more fun to sleep in a box..er..I mean a boat when you have a nice cozy bed? Joel has been getting about 6-8 packages a day for the opening of the new church and we have tons of boxes. This is a boys dream. Both of them decided they wanted to sleep in boats one night. Clayton realized in the middle of the night that his bed was much cozier. Since Oliver sleeps on the floor most nights, I am guessing this boat was pretty comfy. Sweet dreams, boy in a box!

I Got Skilz!


I put Elliot on his tummy for "tummy time" and walked away. When I turned around he was on his back. I did it again...same thing. He has learned to roll over!!! Way to go little guy! You are growing up way to fast. Oh, how I LOVE this boy!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lovin' the Cloth

Many people have asked how the cloth diapers are working out. I love them. I can't believe how incredibly easy they are. I have used them for three months now and have had no problems at all. Elliot started wearing them as soon as his plastibell fell off at 1 week old. I wash Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have 20 diapers and that is plenty. I dry the inserts in the dryer and the covers on the footboard of my bed. It takes them less than an hour to dry. Sometimes, I hang them outside, but this seems to work just fine. I spent more time worrying and researching how to take care of these diapers before Elliot was born than I have actually spent taking care of them.
Look at all these cute diapers getting ready to cover a super cute hiney!
Everytime I pass the diaper aisle at Target, I am relieved that I don't have to spend thirty bucks on a box of diapers. I am so glad I made this choice and I highly recommend it!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


(stay at home mom)
Something that I have LOVED being for the past fourteen weeks. It is who I am and who I want to be. I love every moment with my children and husband, even the stressful and trying times (like tonight). I love the daily routine we have. I love picking Clayton up from the bus every afternoon. I love listening to the boys play. I love the sweet sounds of a squealing baby. I love having dinner ready for my husband when he comes home from work. I love, love, love this job. But, tomorrow, I go back to work. I am sad. The tears are already flowing. It pains me. I don't want to leave my baby. I don't want to miss a day of seeing Clayton as he walks off of that bus. I don't want to miss a day tickling and laughing with my silly Oliver. I hate to miss one single day, one single moment.

But, alas, the kids clothes are ready for tomorrow, diapers are stacked, bottles are filled. My new lunch box is filled, my new navy scrubs are ready to go, my pumping stuff is packed, pens and calculator ready to go. I am nervous. Will I remember how to even write my name, work a ventilator, change the diaper of a one pound baby, suction an et tube, start an iv??

Although it is going to be hard as I walk out the door tomorrow, I have to remember that I am so blessed. I work with incredible people that I call my friends. I only have to be gone for two days. Those two days are long and stressful(I am gone from home for about 14 hours/day), but it is just two days. My job allows me to pump whenever I need and since I work in the NICU, hospital grade pumps are readily available (huge plus). And, the kids get to spend time with their Daddy. What a blessing!!
The hardest part is that my kids are in asleep when I leave in the morning and asleep when I get home. I miss them.

One day, I will reach my goal of being a full-time SAHM, but until then, I will count my blessings and enjoy every moment I have at home with them and be thankful for the incredible, rewarding job that I enjoy (as far as I can remember...14 weeks is a long time away).

It will be a hard first day, but I will be okay!

Brother Hen

I woke up this morning to the sweetest sight. When the alarm went off, I hopped up to get Clayton out of bed. But, he was already up. The lights were on in Elliot's room and Clayton had pulled the ottoman over to his bed and was reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to him. He would sit on the ottoman while reading and then reach over the crib to show Elliot the pictures. I watched quietly at the doorway. He was telling him about each fruit and veggie the caterpillar would he. He would say "this is my favorite fruit" and "i don't like this one very much". After a few minutes, I had to interrupt to get Clayton ready for school. I walked over to the crib and Elliot was unwrapped, sucking his thumb watching Clayton's every move. Two stuffed animals were at his side. What a sweet, sweet moment I hope to never forget. I have no pictures because I did not want to miss a thing. I wanted to soak it all in.

Monday, September 14, 2009

40 days and 40 nights

...well, that is what it seems like. It has rained non-stop for at least four days. And, there is more to come. We decided to just embrace it. It has been hard staying inside day after day after day...too much energy pent up. So, Oliver, Elliot, and I walked to the bustop in the rain with umbrellas in tow. Clayton and his friend Madi hopped off the bus and Madi did not have an umbrella. Clayton asked if he could walk her home. I had no idea she lived another street over and almost at the end of that street. So, by the time we got to her house, we were all soaked (don't worry, Elliot was nice and dry in his stroller). We ditched the umbrellas and just decided to run up and down the street, splash in every large puddle possible, and have little boat races in the giant river coming down our street. We had a BLAST!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Are they Crazy??

...NOPE....they're just boys!!!

You can't see the rain, but it is POURING down!! It didn't phase them, they just played as if it were a beautiful fall afternoon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

3 Months Old

You are three months old. You are growing and changing so much every day. Over the past couple of days you have really found your voice. I can lay you on the floor and you will just laugh and coo.
This past month, you have grown a little more hair, some eyebrows and eyelashes. Your little face is changing. Sometimes you look like Clayton, and sometimes like Oliver. It appears that the same genes were used x3.
You have also learned to sleep through the night. Yay!! I lay you down around 8pm and you sleep until 7am. I am lovin' it. We just have to make sure you are swaddled really tight with your hands straight down to your side. Although with the good, comes a little bad...you think you get to stay up ALL day!!! Now, I love seeing your sweet smiling face all the time and I love to hold and snuggle with you (believe me, I would love to sit and hold you all day), but let's get real here. Mommy has other jobs and other people to take care of. It has been quite a struggle for me. So, the next month we will be working on your day sleeping.
You are still a big fan of standing. You could probably do this all day long. I LOVE these monster jammies. So cute!!!
We have also been working on your love for tummy time. Still not there yet, but getting better.
Thumb sucking has become your favorite way to soothe yourself. I force the paci in, you spit it out and in goes the thumb. You have also started to rub your ear when you have your thumb in your mouth. I never thought I would have a thumb sucker!!!
You are also starting to entertain yourself for a little bit. I really mean for just a "little" bit. I can put you in the bumbo seat while I am getting dinner ready or while I am folding a little laundry.
And, since you love standing so much, we pulled the jumparoo and exersaucer out of the attic. You are really getting the hang of the jumparoo. You are even grabbing at the little toys on the front of it.
Whoa!! This is fun!!It is amazing how three months ago, you could just eat and sleep, and now you can already do so much. You are such a sweet, handsome, smiley boy and we love you to pieces.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lookin' SO old!

Clayton finally pulled the tooth that has been dangling out of his mouth for weeks. Now he looks SO old!! I seriously teared up when he pulled it. I am not sure when he turned from baby into kid, but it happened really quickly. The past couple weeks of first grade, he has just seemed so grown up. His handwriting has changed, his reading is awesome, and the way he carries himself is so different. He has so much confidence in himself. His teacher talks about how kind he is to other kids. Today, he was doing his homework and showed it to me with pride. He said that he wrote the best "Y" he has ever written. He was so proud of that "Y". I am so proud of you, Big Boy, even though I do not like that you are growing up so quickly.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Parade 2009

Yet another tradition...the Garland Labor Day parade. Oh, so much fun....and oh, so HOT!!!! The parade watching crew keeps growing and growing. The kids love it!!

And, a very special day for Elliot. He got to meet his great grandparents for the first time today.
Momma Pat holding her 6th great-grandchild.Poppa Joe holding ElliotWhat a great day!!