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Friday, September 11, 2009

3 Months Old

You are three months old. You are growing and changing so much every day. Over the past couple of days you have really found your voice. I can lay you on the floor and you will just laugh and coo.
This past month, you have grown a little more hair, some eyebrows and eyelashes. Your little face is changing. Sometimes you look like Clayton, and sometimes like Oliver. It appears that the same genes were used x3.
You have also learned to sleep through the night. Yay!! I lay you down around 8pm and you sleep until 7am. I am lovin' it. We just have to make sure you are swaddled really tight with your hands straight down to your side. Although with the good, comes a little bad...you think you get to stay up ALL day!!! Now, I love seeing your sweet smiling face all the time and I love to hold and snuggle with you (believe me, I would love to sit and hold you all day), but let's get real here. Mommy has other jobs and other people to take care of. It has been quite a struggle for me. So, the next month we will be working on your day sleeping.
You are still a big fan of standing. You could probably do this all day long. I LOVE these monster jammies. So cute!!!
We have also been working on your love for tummy time. Still not there yet, but getting better.
Thumb sucking has become your favorite way to soothe yourself. I force the paci in, you spit it out and in goes the thumb. You have also started to rub your ear when you have your thumb in your mouth. I never thought I would have a thumb sucker!!!
You are also starting to entertain yourself for a little bit. I really mean for just a "little" bit. I can put you in the bumbo seat while I am getting dinner ready or while I am folding a little laundry.
And, since you love standing so much, we pulled the jumparoo and exersaucer out of the attic. You are really getting the hang of the jumparoo. You are even grabbing at the little toys on the front of it.
Whoa!! This is fun!!It is amazing how three months ago, you could just eat and sleep, and now you can already do so much. You are such a sweet, handsome, smiley boy and we love you to pieces.


Julianne said...

I love all of these pictures! He is so cute!!

strickee said...

I want to meet him SO bad...And see you and the rest of the fam!