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Sunday, October 11, 2009

4 Months Old

Happy 4 months, baby!! It appears that we are working with a string bean here.
25 3/4" (75%)
13 lbs 12 ozs (30%)
You are such a happy, happy boy! You really only cry when you are hungry or tired. Even when you wake up in the morning, you squeal for awhile before we come get you. Love it!! You are still sleeping 12 hours at night. You are starting to fall into a day routine also. The swing is still your day sleeping zone.

This month you have really gained control of your hands. I have loved watching you try to figure those things out. Now, you lay on your floor gym and just grab at the toys hanging above. If I put anything above you, you reach out and grab for it. Those hands are also ALWAYS in your mouth. You love chewing on your hands and sucking on that thumb. Anytime I put the paci in your mouth, you grab it and practically throw it away from you. I get it now. You don't like it. Why even try?
I love these slobbery little hands and sweet little toes!!
You also hold your hands together.
You have rolled over a few more times. You still love to stand up all the time. You are getting pretty good in the jumparoo. Especially now that you can grab at the little toys.
You are nursing five times a day and you are getting so much faster. It only takes about 15 minutes to feed you.
I love you, little one. You are such a joy!

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Rachel H said...

LOVE that precious Boy! Happy 4 months, E!