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Monday, October 5, 2009

Bragging Rights

I would just like to take a moment to brag on this precious little first grader. I just got home from his parent/teacher conference and I am so proud of him. Mrs. Owens had nothing to say negative about him. She said he is so sweet, he thinks of others before himself, he always has great things to add to the topic of discussion. She has him in the highest reading group which is also so great. He is reading 44 words a minute which they expect him to be doing at the end of the semester. He has already learned so much this year. His handwriting has improved by 100%. I am proud of his academics, but I am mostly proud of how well he behaves when he is out of my sight. He has not had his clip moved (this happens when they are not following rules) the entire year!!! He has matured so much even since the start of school. Love this boy!!


Gigi said...

He is such a great little boy! Love him so much!!

Rachel H said...

What a great picture of Clayton! A beautiful boy, inside and out. I am one proud auntie!