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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Change of Plans

We had great plans for the day. I had free tickets to the Fair and this was the last weekend. I love the fair and feel it is necessary to have at least one corny dog every year. Not too much to ask. Of course, we knew it was TX/OU weekend. My super awesome husband decided to hang with us and miss watching the game live (LOVE that guy)! We just thought that if we went during the game, it wouldn't be crowded. Boy were we WRONG!!! We got to the Fair grounds and all the parking lots were full. I had the bright idea to park in my lot at Baylor and ride the new green line DART rail to the fair. Great idea!! Right?? WRONG!! The Dart rail was overloaded and backed up for miles. It was train after train after train full of angry fans not making it to the game on time. The rails were all running about an hour behind schedule. It was CRAZY!! So, since we were already out, we decided to hop aboard the rail going the other direction and go to the zoo. It was quite an adventure. We had to get on the green line and then get to the red line and...well, we finally made it to the zoo. It was a perfect day. The kids had a blast. Elliot was so, so, so good. The weather was gorgeous. And Joel didn't complain about missing the game one bit!!

Let's see...where do we go from here?

They have redone the building with the snakes/reptiles and such. It was actually really nice. The Dallas zoo has really stepped up their game.

We saw this super scary snapping turtle.

The boys had fun riding the ponies.

And, we got fair food anyway. Joe had the giant (nasty) turkey leg that he loves oh so much!!Not a corny dog, but nachos will work for now.P-sters chose a pizza.
And Deedle got the zoo corny dog...not quite the Fletcher's corny dog, but it will work.

Elliot had a nice long nap in the sling. Preciousness!! A favorite of the zoo is climbing the giant rocks. Such boys!!

This was the first time Elliot was big enough to ride in the sling like a big boy! He loved it!!

Oliver was a little scared of this guy.

We had the best day!! And, we ended up not missing fair day after all....more on that to come!!


The Morgan Family said...

OH WOW! Turned out to be a fantastic day full of fun afterall! Kudos to ya'll for continuing your day and not letting the chaos and mess ruin it!!!

Gigi said...

I swear that gorilla is sitting in the same spot where he was when I went to the zoo with Joel and the boys about two years ago! He must never move.