"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lifting You Up

Precious Annie,
Your Aunt Rachel (who already loves you as much as I and faithfully prays for you) reminded me yesterday that you are probably already a teeny tiny baby tucked safely away inside of your birth mom. It is so hard to believe. You are a little life that I don't even know yet, but yet love so much already. The hardest part is that I can't protect you right now. I can't eat the right foods, can't take vitamins, can't make sure I stay away from harmful things. It is hard. I must lift your life up to the Lord. He will take care of you. He will show you that you are loved. He will sustain you. He will make sure you have proper nutrition. I have to believe this. He has chosen me to be your mommy from the beginning of time. When you grow up, I want you to know how much I loved you even before I held you for the very first time. Even before I saw a picture of your sweet face the first time. I want you to know you were loved from the very beginning of your teeny tiny life and you were prayed for even before that.

I love you and cannot wait to hold you one day!

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Rachel H said...

I really do love Annie so much and pray for her and her birth mommy often. God has His hand of protection over her precious life even now. I can't wait to welcome her home!