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Saturday, October 17, 2009

State Fair of Halpin

Well, we missed the real fair, so why not have the fair in the comfort of our own home. That way I can control the fat content of everything I fry (ha!)!! We got home about 6 pm from our super fun day at the zoo, and were ready for some more fun!!
To start off our fair evening, I fried up some corny dogs. I have never fried anything, so the flying grease terrified me a bit. I dumped an entire bottle of vegetable oil into the pot (YUCK!)
I also fried up some curly fries. I am sure you are getting the picture that we ate a lot of yummy fried food. Much better than baked.
Here is my first costumer. He is holding a sleeping boy.
Another happy customer.
No fair is complete without yummy funnel cake. I actually made this using a funnel. Never knew I could make such a thing. They may ask me to fry up some stuff at the fair next year.
It actually tasted yummy, just like a funnel cake.

Clayton made tickets that we traded in for food and carnival games.

Welcome to the Midway. Clayton playing toss the coin. (please ignore the flour all over the floor. The kitchen was covered in grease and flour).
Here is Oliver playing race car.
...and Clayton playing toss the ball.
We also had a little dance-off. It was the best State Fair I have ever been to. Such sweet, precious memories were made. I am actually glad we missed the State Fair of Texas....otherwise, we wouldn't of had the State Fair of Halpin.


Lainey-Paney said...

You guys are so creative!!!

Kate said...

Such a fun idea!

christy curtis said...

how much fun!

christy curtis said...

how much fun!