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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Joel!

33 years old...Wow!! Happy Birthday, Babe! We decided to have a nice chill out morning at home due to the exhaustion of the tiniest Halpin. Plus, the kids haven't had a chance to even open or play with any of their new toys. We started off the morning with the breakfast of Champions.
Oh, and of course, a Darth Vader candle. What else would a 33 year old man want for his candle?

Then presents. What could this boy want?? He got a Kindle and an ipod touch for Christmas. So, I resorted to clothes and a new pair of shoes. If you haven't heard of Toms shoes, for each pair you buy, a person in Africa gets a pair. So as Joel put his new shoes, we thought of some man, woman or child in Africa dancing around in their new shoes.

Then, some geo track building...check out this giant track.
After Elliot's very long nap, we headed to the Twisted Root (a super yummy hamburger place with Joel's fav...sweet potato chips). All the boys were in great moods.

Especially this little guy!!!!!!!!

A birthday wouldn't be complete without ice cream. Yummy! I used to get this combo when I was pregnant and I can't say that it is that great now. Chocolate with raspberries mixed in....I seriously used to think this was the greatest combo ever....not so much!!
After ice cream, Joel went to see Avitar in 3D while me and the boys went home. This evening we went to Joel's parents to celebrate with the fam.
After our long marathon of doing and going, the boys are going to wake up tomorrow and wonder where we are going next. They have enough new toys to keep them busy for the next 10 years.

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Rachel H said...

I can't believe you are caught up on your blog! Way to go!! I haven't even downlowded my pictures yet.