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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Party Day

We had the best day celebrating this boy. We started the party the moment we woke up and it didn't end until we went to bed. At 6:30 in the morning he really wanted to open his presents from us, so we let him. He has been wanting toy story legos, so that is just what he got.

Then, we headed to pick up his cousin, Olivia, to spend the day with us. The perfect birthday would not be complete without the breakfast of champions. Chocolate donuts with dinosaur sprinkles.

After some play time at home, we met my sister and mom at Chuck E Cheese. Oliver had a blast.

So did Elliot.
Poor Clayton was at school.

Nonna (my mom) then took Oliver to Toys R Us for a shopping spree. He already knew exactly what he wanted and came home with a huge sack of toys just for him. He got a Zhu Zhu pet that now sleeps (with the entire tube system cage) in his bed with him, and a ton of new Star Wars guys. I know he had fun with Nonna all by himself. He usually doesn't get to be the only one.
The evening was spent celebrating Oliver with family and friends. He wanted a movie theater party.
Here is the cake that I made.
We had hot dogs...

Popcorn, chips, candy, cake...what more could a kid want??

Here is the movie theater (aka the playroom) showing Toy Story (Oliver's choice). Needless to say, there was popcorn EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you".....X3 Other kids kept helping Oliver blow out his candles and he was not having it. We had to keep relighting them until he could blow them all out all by himself.

What a super fun day celebrating a super incredible boy!!


Lainey-Paney said...

what a cool day!
And----that hot dog machine for a party----AWESOME!

The cake---very clever!

Sandi said...

Happy Birthday Oliver! Erica - the cake is awesome!!! Did you make it?