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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Urban Moms and Babies

If you know me well, you know that I DO NOT like staying at home.  I end up cleaning all day while the boys are destroying.  I go stir crazy.  I like to be out and about.  The boys are nicer and happier when we are out and about, which makes for a happier momma!!!!!!!  Joel was going to be gone all day Saturday and so was our sweet friends and neighbor's daddy.  So we decided to spend the day out on an urban adventure.  We started out on the DART rail.
We got off at City Place and rode up many elevators to get to the Trolley.  If you have never taken the Mckinney Avenue Trolley, it is a must.  It is free and really fun.

Precious Jenna.
We had these great plans to go up to the skylobby at the Chase Bank downtown.  The bad news for us was that it is closed on the weekends.  BIG BUMMER!!
But, right out front was this fun grassy area for our boys to jump and run and play.........
Nice, pretty, fluffy grass.....
...until a mean security guard kicked us out.  Since when is an outdoor area in downtown Dallas private property??  I questioned him about there being no signs, but he had no comment.  I am assuming that he just didn't want us there.  We wanted adventure, so we got it.  We hopped aboard the trolley and headed back to the West Village for some YUMMY Gelato at Pacuigo's.  We had some very interesting flavors mixed together in our little bowl. I hardly got a bite as it was like a pack of wolves eating out of this one tiny cup.
Hannah and Jacob enjoying the yummy goodness.

All in all, we had a great adventure of Dallas.  And we headed back to the burbs to our quiet, non-security guarded neighborhood where we could run and play as we please.

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