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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Celebrating Clayton

Since Clayton had a Saturday birthday this year, he got to celebrate for two days.  Friday we celebrated at school.  I took him McDonald's for lunch and brought cupcakes for his class. 

After school, my parents came and picked him up and took him to a very special place.  The Magic Time Machine.  He has been wanting to go somewhere he could eat popcorn shrimp and that he did.  
 He got to spend the whole evening, night and the next morning with Nonna and Nonae.  They took him for a special trip to Toys R Us (the kids LOVE this).  He picked out legos galore.  The next day they went to Bass Pro shop to get him a giant tackle box (which he carries everywhere and sleep with) to store all of his legos.  He loves it.  They took him to see the movie Rango and to a yummy buffet breakfast.  If anyone knows Clayton well, you know he loves a buffet.  He comes by it honestly.  When he got home, he could not wait to open more presents.  He had requested my Gramma's famous oatmeal cookies (famous to me).  They are a fave in our family of five.  
 We had planned on taking him bowling or roller skating for the afternoon, but all he wanted to do was build all of his new lego sets.  

Gigi and Grandpa met us for dinner at Tin Star (another fave) and he got some new DS games and some new mighty beanz.  We had a super fun day celebrating this boy!!!  I still cannot believe he is 8.

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